USA Tour 2017

Straight Into Brooklyn


Our Big-Ass American Adventure is here!

After a grueling flight, and one of our partybeing detained by U.S customs (whoops!), we had an eveni

ng to kill in NYC. What better way to spend it than in the company of some of the best Beer & Meat Brooklyn has to offer?

Our friends over at Brooklyn Brewery set us up with an epic experience; we did our duty in sinking a few Lagers and small-batch brews before Joe, our awesome guide took us through some of their rare cellar, including Ghost Bottles ‘Chichicapa’ – a Woodford Reserve & Mezcal-aged Imperial IPA & ‘Dark Matter’ – a rich, dark Red Ale aged in Bourbon casks. Other highlights included Blast – a Double IPA, and a beer crafted to resemble our favourite Whiskey Cocktail at C&C HQ; The Old Fashioned. Huge fan! Big shout out to Joe for digging deep into the cellar, and for kitting us out with loads of awesome Brooklyn merch!

Next up, the best-rated Smokehouse in NYC, Fette Sau – a converted garage in the heart of Williamsburg. This meat mecca was rammed with a great selection of Craft available by the gallon and Meat by the pound. Naturally we tried everything, and ate ourselves into the first food coma of the tour…


Next stop, KANSAS CITY!

Adam RichardsonStraight Into Brooklyn